Enabling thin provisioning for LUNs

You can use SnapDrive for UNIX to carry out thin provisioning on your storage system. Thin provisioning is also referred as space-reservation.

  1. Set the space-reservations-enabled configuration variable value to on.

    You can also enable thin provisioning by using the -reserve and -noreserve parameters.

    Parameter override the value mentioned in the -space-reservations-enabled variable.

    You could use -reserve and -noreserve with the following commands to enable or disable LUN reservation:

    • snapdrive storage create

    • snapdrive storage resize

    • snapdrive snap connect

    • snapdrive snap restore

By default, SnapDrive for UNIX enables space reservation for a fresh or new storage create operations. For snap restore and snap connect operations, it uses the space reservation present in the Snapshot copy if the -reserve or -noreserve parameters are not specified at the command line, or if the value in the configuration file is uncommented.