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Snapdrive for Unix

Mounting a FlexVol volume fails in NFS environment


When you mount a FlexVol volume, an entry is added in the /etc/exports file. In NFS environment, SnapDrive for UNIX fails, and an error message is generated.

The error message is

0001-034 Command error: mount failed: nfs mount:
dub12137:/vol/vn_dub12137_testprisredo_0: Permission denied.

SnapDrive for UNIX might encounter the error message due to the option set to off. The option controls whether the automatic updates are performed on the /etc/exports file.

Note The AutoSupport does not send the message to the storage system when the FlexVol volume fails in NFS environment.
  1. Set the option on so that the /etc/exports file is updated automatically.

    SnapDrive for UNIX can now mount the FlexVol volume.

In an HA pair active/active configuration, ensure you set the NFS exports option on for both the storage systems.