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Snapdrive for Unix

Considerations for using SnapDrive for UNIX


You must be aware of various considerations for using SnapDrive for UNIX.

  • You must use the default value for the space reservation setting for any LUN managed by SnapDrive for UNIX.

  • In FC and iSCSI configurations, set snap reserve on the storage system to zero percent for each volume.

  • Place all LUNs connected to the same host on a dedicated storage system volume accessible only by that host.

  • If you use Snapshot copies, you cannot use the entire space on a storage system volume to store your LUNs.

    The storage system volume that hosts the LUNs should be at least twice the combined size of all the LUNs on the storage system volume.

  • Data ONTAP uses /vol/vol0 (root volume) to administer the storage system.

    Do not use this volume to store data. If you have configured any other volume (other than /vol/vol0) as root volume to administer the storage system, do not use it to store data.