Guidelines for connecting Snapshot copies

Follow the guidelines when connecting to Snapshot copies.

  • The snapdrive snap connect command works only with Snapshot copies created in SnapDrive 4.2 for UNIX.

  • On a non-originating host, SnapDrive 4.1 for UNIX supports the Snapshot connect operation using Linux LVM1 or LVM2. However, it does not support the Snapshot connect operation on the originating host, if the LUN is part of the Linux LVM1 volume manager.

  • On an originating host, SnapDrive for UNIX supports connecting and restoring Snapshot copies that are created by previous versions of SnapDrive for UNIX.

    Note On a Linux originating host, the Snapshot connect operation works only with Linux LVM2, and Snapshot copies created by SnapDrive for UNIX.
  • On Linux hosts, the snapdrive snap connect command is supported if the Snapshot copy you connect contains a LUN, or a LUN with a file system, that was created without activating the Linux LVM1. SnapDrive for UNIX does not support the snapdrive snap connect command for Linux entities that are created using the Linux LVM1.

    The snapdrive snap connect command does not allow you to rename the disk group on a Linux host. For example, the following command is not supported: snapdrive snap connect -dg dg1 dg1copy -snapname toaster:/vol/vol1:dg1snapshot

  • For read and write access to NFS directory trees, the snapdrive snap connect command uses the Data ONTAP FlexVol volume feature, and therefore requires Data ONTAP 7.3 or later. Configurations with Data ONTAP 7.1 can connect NFS files or directory trees, but are provided with read-only access.

  • If you set the enable-split-clone configuration variable value to “on” or “sync” during the Snapshot connect operation and “off” during the Snapshot disconnect operation, SnapDrive for UNIX does not delete the original volume or LUN that is present in the Snapshot copy.

  • You have to set the value of Data ONTAP 7.2.2 configuration option vfiler.vol_clone_zapi_allow to “on” to connect to a Snapshot copy of a volume or LUN in a vFiler unit.

  • The Snapshot connect operation is not supported on the hosts having different host configurations.

  • The snapdrive snap connect command used to connect to a root volume of a physical storage system or a vFiler unit fails because Data ONTAP does not allow cloning of a root volume.