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Snapdrive for Unix

Limitations of LUNs managed by SnapDrive


When working with SnapDrive, you must be aware of the limitations related to LUNs.

  • A LUN managed by SnapDrive cannot serve either as a boot disk or a system disk.

  • The Linux hosts have operating system limits on how many LUNs you can create.

    You can run the snapdrive config check luns command when you create the LUNs on these hosts. This command enables you to determine how many LUNs you can create.

  • SnapDrive does not support the colon (:) in the long forms of the names for LUNs and Snapshot copies.

    The colon is allowed between the components of a long Snapshot copy name or between the storage system name and storage system volume name of a LUN. For example, toaster:/vol/vol1:snap1 is a typical long Snapshot name, while toaster:/vol/vol1/lunA is a typical long LUN name.