Operation with multiple Operations Manager console servers managing storage systems


The following output shows the error message you would receive when storage systems are managed by multiple Operations Managers console.

[root]# snapdrive storage create -lun storage_array1:/vol/vol1/lun5 lun6 -lun storage_array2:/vol/vol1/lun2 -lunsize 100m
0002-332 Admin error:SD.Storage.Write access denied on volume storage_array1:/vol/vol1 for user unix_host\root on Operations Manager server ops_mngr_server1
SD.Storage.Write access denied on volume storage_array2:/vol/vol1 for user unix_host\root on Operations Manager server ops_mngr_server2

storage_array1 is managed by ops_mngr_server1 and storage_array2 is managed by ops_mngr_server2. Administrator of unix_host is not authorized to create filespecs on storage_array1 and storage_array2. In the preceding example SnapDrive for UNIX displays the Operations Manager console used to determine access.