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Snapdrive for Unix

Host-side command lines


SnapDrive for UNIX commands are used for host-side operations.

The following table gives various command-line options for host-side operations.

Operation Command-line option

Host connect

snapdrive host connect -lun long_lun_name [lun_name …​] [-vmtype type]

snapdrive host connect -fs file_spec -nolvm -lun long_lun_name [-nopersist][-mntopts options] [-fstype type] [-vmtype type]

snapdrive host connect -fs file_spec -hostvol file_spec -lun long_lun_name [lun_name][-nopersist] [-mntopts options][-vmtype type]

Host disconnect

snapdrive host disconnect-lun long_lun_name [lun_name…​] [-vmtype type]

snapdrive host disconnect {-vg | -dg | -fs | -lvol | -hostvol} file_spec[file_spec …​][{-vg | -dg | -fs | -lvol | -hostvol} file_spec [file_spec …​]…​] [-full] [-fstype type] [-vmtype type]