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Snapdrive for Unix

Adding a port set in SnapDrive


You can add a port set in the storage system to communicate with a Vserver. This is a one-time activity and must be done before using the storage system.

Note If you want to upgrade to SnapDrive 5.2 for UNIX, ensure that the earlier versions of SnapDrive for UNIX igroups are manually associated to the port set by the storage administrator.

In the following example, the storage administrator uses the Vserver name instead of an IP address, and verifies that the Vserver name is registered on a DNS server.

  1. Enter the following command on the host:

    snapdrive portset add portset_name filername [filername…​]

    portset_name is the name of the port set.

    filername is the name of the Vserver.

    snapdrive portset add ps2 vs91
    Added portset configuration for appliance: vs91

    The port set ps2 is added successfully in SnapDrive.