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Snapdrive for Unix

Adding sd- hostname to storage system using CLI


The storage system administrator can create and configure the sd-hostname user using the useradmin command.

  1. Add storage.

    # dfm host add storage_array1
    Added host
  2. Set the password for the host.

    # dfm host password save -u root -p xxxxxxxx storage_array1
    Changed login for host to root.
    Changed Password for host
  3. Create a role on the host.

    # dfm host role create -h storage_array1 -c "api-*,login-*" sd-unixhost-role
    Created role sd-unixhost-role on storage_array1
  4. Create a usergroup.

    # dfm host usergroup create -h storage_array1 -r sd-unixhost-role sd-unixhost-ug
    Created usergroup sd-unixhost-ug(44) on storage_array1
  5. Create a local user.

    # dfm host user create -h storage_array1 -p xxxxxxxx -g sd-unixhost-ug sd-unixhost
    Created local user sd-unixhost on storage_array1