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Snapdrive for Unix

Adding sd-hostname to the storage system


The Operations Manager console administrator can create the sd-hostname user on the storage system using Operations Manager console. After the steps are completed, the Operations Manager console administrator must manually send the credentials to the SnapDrive for UNIX administrator. You can use any name in place of sd-hostname; however it is best to use sd-hostname.

  1. Obtain the root password of the storage system and store the password.

    To add the password for the storage system, select Management > Storage System.

  2. Create an sd-hostname user for each UNIX system.

  3. Assign capabilities api- and login- to a role, such as sd-role.

  4. Include this role (sd-role) in a new usergroup, such as sd-usergroup.

  5. Associate this usergroup (sd-usergroup) with the sd-hostname user on the storage system.