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Snapdrive for Unix

Configuring sd-admin using command-line interface


The storage system administrator can configure sd-admin user using command-line interface.

  1. Add a user named sd-admin.

    # useradd sd-admin
    # passwd sd-admin
    Changing password for sd-admin.
    New password:
    Re-enter new password:
    Password changed
  2. Add an administrator named sd-admin.

    # dfm user add sd-admin
    Added administrator sd-admin.
  3. Create a role named sd-admin-role.

    # dfm role create sd-admin-role
    Created role sd-admin-role.
  4. Add a capability to the role created in step 3.

    # dfm role add sd-admin-role DFM.Core.AccessCheck Global
    Added 1 capability to role sd-admin-role.
  5. The Operations Manager administrator can also grant DFM.Database.Write capability on the global group to <sd-admin> to enable SnapDrive for UNIX to refresh storage system entities in Operations Manager.

    # dfm role add sd-admin-role DFM.Database.Write Global
    Added 1 capability to role sd-admin-role.
  6. Add an sd-admin-role role to the sd-admin user.

    # dfm user role set sd-admin sd-admin-role
    Set 1 role for administrator sd-admin.