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Snapdrive for Unix

Linux host requirements


You must prepare the Linux host before you can install SnapDrive for UNIX.

  • You must download and install the Linux Host Utilities from the NetApp Support Site if you are using the FC or iSCSI protocol.

    You must verify that the Linux Host Utilities are installed successfully by using the sanlun version command.

  • You must install the sg3_utils package in all Linux systems so that the SnapDrive for UNIX commands function properly.

    Note You must ensure that the sg3_utils and sg3_utils-libs libraries are available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL). The sg3_utils libraries are available in the scsi* package for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 and earlier and in the sg3_utils* package for SLES 11 and later.
  • You must download and install these libraries or binary packages if your host is a 64-bit Linux operating system and you are trying to install the 32-bit SnapDrive for UNIX.

    • 32-bit version of the glibc, libnl, libhba, libgcc packages from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux site.

      The SnapDrive for UNIX installation fails if the 32-bit version of theglibc package is missing in the host system.

    • 32-bit binaries of the QConvergeConsoleCLI package from the QLogic site . You must also change qla2xxx64 /usr/lib64/ to qla2xxx /usr/lib/ in the /etc/hba.conf file for QLogic HBAs if your host is a 64-bit Linux operating system and install 32-bit binaries of Emulex OnCommand Manager packages for Emulex HBA.

    • You must install the libHBAAPI package or a vendor-specific package if the transport protocol is FC for SnapDrive for UNIX to work on the host.

  • You must install the supported host Service Packs on the host before installing SnapDrive for UNIX.

    The Interoperability Matrix tool has more information about the supported service packs.

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