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Snapdrive for Unix

Provisioning RDM LUNs


SnapDrive for UNIX enables you to create and provision RDM LUNs with the FC protocol enabled on a guest operating system in a VMware virtual environment. You can also provision RDM LUNs by using ONTAP.

  • NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) must be installed and configured with VMware vCenter™.

  • The backup and recovery capability of NetApp Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere™ must be installed in the Windows operating system that is registered with vCenter™.

  • default-transport must be set as fcp in the snapdrive.conf file, and the SnapDrive for UNIX daemon must be restarted.

  1. Configure the guest operating system for creating an RDM LUN:

    snapdrive config set-viadmin user viadmin_name

    • user is the name of the virtual interface system.

    • viadmin_name is the name of the IP address of the virtual interface system.

  2. Verify the login information for Virtual Storage Console:

    snapdrive config list

    This command displays the user name or virtual interface that is specified in SnapDrive for UNIX.

  3. Verify that the guest operating system can communicate with the storage system:

    storage show -all command

  4. Create an RDM LUN on the storage system:

    snapdrive storage create -lun long_lun_name -lunsize size_of_the_lun

  5. Connect the RDM LUN to the host:

    snapdrive storage connect -lun long_lun_name

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