Snapdrive for Unix

Connecting Linux hosts to storage systems

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

For successful SnapDrive for UNIX operations, you must set up your storage virtual machines (SVMs, formerly known as Vservers).

  • You must have assigned the aggregates that contain volumes to the SVMs aggregate list to execute the SnapDrive for UNIX operations.

  • You must have one or more SVMs created to serve data from the cluster.

    The IP address of the SVM management logical interface (LIF) must be mapped with the SVM name, either in the Domain Name Service (DNS) or in the /etc/hosts file.

  1. If you are running ONTAP 8.2.2 or earlier, create a user on the cluster management server, also called adminSVM:

    snapdrive config set -cserver csadmin_name cserver_name

    If you are running ONTAP 8.2.3 or later, then skip this step.

  2. Create a user on the data SVM:

    snapdrive config set vsadmin_name Vserver_name

    Note Vserver_name is the name of the SVM and it must be mapped to the management LIF IP address.
  3. Verify that the SVM is configured in SnapDrive for UNIX:

    snapdrive config list

    The command lists the user name and IP address of the cluster management server and data SVM.

  4. Modify the management interface path to the data interface path of the SVM:

    snapdrive config set -mgmtpath management_interface_path data_interface_path

  5. Verify that all data and management interfaces are configured properly:

    snapdrive config list -mgmtpath