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Snapdrive for Unix

Contents of the recovery log


The recovery log helps you to trace the reasons for an inconsistent system state. SnapDrive for UNIX generates this file when some operation stops working.

If you press Ctrl-C to halt SnapDrive for UNIX, or if the host or storage system fails in the middle of an operation, the system might not be able to recover automatically.

During any operation that, if interrupted, could leave the system in an inconsistent state, SnapDrive for UNIX writes information to a recovery log file. If a problem occurs, you can send this file to NetApp technical support so they can assist you in recovering the system's state.

The recovery log utility maintains the records of the commands that are issued during the operation. Each command is marked with an operation_index (a number that uniquely identifies the operation being executed), followed by the date/time stamp and the message text.