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Snapdrive for Unix

Executing the data collection utility


You need to complete few steps to run the data collection utility.

Ensure that you are logged in as a root user.

  1. Change to the SnapDrive for UNIX diagnostic directory. The path is: install_directory/diag

    install_directory is the SnapDrive for UNIX installation directory for your host operating system. This directory can vary depending on your host operating system.

  2. At the command prompt, enter the following command:

    snapdrive.dc [-d directory] [-n file_name] [-f]

    -d directory specifies the location for the compressed file that this utility creates. The default location is /tmp/netapp.

    -n file_name specifies a string to be included in the name for the directory and compressed output file. If you supply a value for this argument, the snapdrive.dc utility creates a directory called ntap_snapdrive_name and a file name called ntap_snapdrive_name.tar.Z The default path name is /tmp/netapp/ntap_snapdrive_info.tar.Z

  3. Send the directory/ntap_snapdrive_name.tar.Z file to NetApp technical support for analysis.