Man pages installed by SnapDrive for UNIX

SnapDrive for UNIX provides man pages in several formats.

The man pages are available at the following location:

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/snapdrive.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/snapdrived.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/snapdrive.1.html

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/snapdrived.1.html

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/solaris_info.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/brocade_info.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/mcdata_info.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/cisco_info.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/filer_info.1

  • /opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs/snapdrive.dc.1

If you install SnapDrive for UNIX in a sparse root zone, it will not add man pages at /usr/share/man/ because /usr/share/man/ is mounted as a read-only file system. To extract the man pages in a sparse root zone, run the pkgtrans NTAPsnapdrive.pkg /tmp command. After you run the command, the man pages are extracted to /tmp/NTAPsnapdrive/root/opt/NTAPsnapdrive/docs .