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Snapdrive for Unix

Secure daemon communication using HTTPS


You can use HTTPS for secure Web services and daemon communication. Secure communication is enabled by setting some configuration variables in the snapdrive.conf file, and generating and installing the self-signed or CA-signed certificate.

You must provide the self-signed or CA-signed certificate at the path specified in the snapdrive.conf file. To use HTTPS for communication, you must set the following parameters in the snapdrive.conf file:

  • use-https-to-sdu-daemon=on

  • contact-https-port-sdu-daemon=4095

  • sdu-daemon-certificate-path=/opt/NTAPsnapdrive/snapdrive.pem

Note SnapDrive 5.0 for UNIX and later versions support HTTPS for daemon communication. By default, the option is set to off.