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Snapdrive for Unix

Tasks performed by snapdrive.dc


The data collection utility runs the NetApp diagnostic utilities, copies SnapDrive for UNIX log files, and creates a compressed file that is used for analysis.

The snapdrive.dc utility performs the following tasks:

  • Runs the host_info and filer_info utilities to collect information about the host and the storage systems connected to the host, and saves this information in a compressed file. The host_info utility and filer_info utility comes along with SnapDrive for UNIX installation package.

    For example, the Solaris kit includes the solaris_info utility.

  • Creates a directory called /tmp/netapp/ntap_snapdrive_name. The tool places copies of the following files in the directory:

    • SnapDrive for UNIX version, as indicated by running the snapdrive version command

    • The snapdrive.conf file

    • The audit log files

    • The trace log files

    • The recovery log files

    • The files created by the host_info utility

  • Creates a compressed file of the directory contents and displays a message stating you send this file toNetApp technical support.

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