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Snapdrive for Unix

Configuring Virtual Storage Console for SnapDrive for UNIX


You must configure Virtual Storage Console to access the storage system, and use the login names and passwords assigned to the storage system.

Ensure that Virtual Storage Console is installed in the windows system where VMware vCenter resides.

  1. In the vCenter Home view, under Solutions and Applications click NetApp in the NetApp Virtual Console screen.

  2. Click the Backup and Recovery, and then click the Setup to view the storage system entries.

  3. If there are no storage system entries, then click Add to add the required storage system in the Virtual Storage Console.

    The Add Storage System dialog box appears.

  4. In the Add Storage System window, enter the IP address, user name and password of the storage system. Then click OK.

    The storage system is now ready to communicate with the Virtual Storage Console.

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