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Snapdrive for Unix

Setting values in the snapdrive.conf file


You can change the values in the snapdrive.conf file or add new name-value pairs.

You must be logged in as a root user.

  1. Back up the snapdrive.conf file.

  2. Open the snapdrive.conf file in a text editor.

  3. To add a name-value pair, use the following format:

    config-option-name=value value # optional comment

    config-option-name is the name of the variable you want to configure; for example, audit-log-file. value is the value you want to assign to this option.

    If you want to include a comment with the name-value pair, precede the comment with a number sign (#).

    You should enter only one name-value pair, per line.

    If the name or the value uses a string, enclose the string in either single ('`) or double (") quotation marks. You can place the quotation marks either around the entire name-value pair or around only the value. The following examples show how you can use quotation marks and comments with name-value pairs:

    "config-option-one=string with white space" # double quotes around the pair

    config-option-two="string with white space" # double quotes around the value

    config-option-2B='string with white space' # single quotes around the value

  4. To modify a name-value pair, replace the current value with the new value.

    Follow the steps below to ensure that the default values are recorded in the file.

    1. Add the sign (#) to the line that you want to modify.

    2. Copy the line.

    3. Activate the copied text by removing the number sign (#).

    4. Modify the value.

    If you want to specify a blank value (for example, to disable the audit log file), enter a pair of double quotation marks ("").

  5. Save the file after you make your changes.

    SnapDrive for UNIX automatically checks this file each time it starts. Your changes take effect the next time it starts.

  6. Restart the SnapDrive for UNIX daemon by using the snapdrived restart command.

    Restarting the daemon is necessary for snapdrive.conf file changes to take effect.