Snapdrive for Unix

Uninstalling SnapDrive for UNIX from a Solaris host


To uninstall SnapDrive for UNIX from a Solaris system, you must use the uninstall command.

Ensure that you are logged in as a root user.

When you uninstall SnapDrive for UNIX in sparse root zones, the uninstallation process does not remove the symbolic links for SnapDrive for UNIX in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin because the symbolic links are mounted as read-only file systems in sparse root zones. You must remove these symbolic links from the global zone. Before removing the symbolic links, ensure that no other sparse root zones are using SnapDrive for UNIX.

rm /usr/sbin/snapdrive

rm /usr/sbin/snapdrived

rm /usr/bin/snapdrive

  1. Use the following command to remove the software:


  2. Answer y (or yes) when the command asks whether you are sure you want to remove the Attach Kit.

    If you answer n (or no), the command does not uninstall the Attach Kit.

    To avoid getting the confirmation query, enter the ./uninstall command with the -f option, which prevents the uninstall script from running in interactive mode.

    Note To ensure that all the SnapDrive for UNIX services are stopped, use the SnapDrive for UNIX uninstall script; do not use the operating system tools like pkgrm.