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SnapManager for Hyper-V

Backup failure with the error “Shadow copy creation is already in progress”

  • Message

    SnapManager for Hyper-V backup failed to complete
    Backup of the Dataset Name: example
    Backup id: c1bb4b28-c76c-4001-85fd-ffdfdb5737c9 failed to execute
    Error: Vss Requestor - Backup Components failed. Failed to add volume \\CIFS_USER_SER\USER_SHARE2\ to snapshot set. Another shadow copy creation is already in progress. Wait a few moments and try again.
  • Description

    This issue occurs because a previous backup is not aborted and is still active. Use the following command to check for any entries listed: cifs share show -shadowcopy

  • Corrective action

    Abort the previous backup job and retry the operation.