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SnapManager for Hyper-V

Backup jobs that involve more than 15 CSVs from the same storage system might fail

  • Issue

    SnapManager for Hyper-V backup jobs that involve more than 15 Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs) from the same storage system fail with the following error:

    Failed to rename the Snapshot copy of the LUN to the new Snapshot copy name.
    Error code: The attempt to get the named attribute for the LUN on the storage system failed.
    Error code: 13057.
    Error description: An error occurred in the reception and processing of the API reply from the appliance.
  • Cause

    This is a limitation caused by Data ONTAP to prevent a hold of system resources. The limitation of 15 LUNs is applicable only when all of the LUNs belong to the same storage system. If a backup dataset is created so that no more than 15 CSVs are involved from one storage system, then this issue does not occur.

  • Corrective action

    If you want to make a backup that includes more than 15 LUNs from the same storage system, create multiple datasets to avoid this failure.