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SnapManager for Hyper-V

Install SnapManager for Hyper-V


You can install SnapManager for Hyper-V so that you are able to back up and restore your data. You should install SnapDrive for Windows before installing SnapManager for Hyper-V.

What you'll need

Your existing data must be backed up, and you must have the following information ready:

  • License key

  • Login credentials

  • Port number (default: 808; must match the SnapDrive for Windows installation port number)

  1. Double-click the SnapManager for Hyper-V executable file to launch the SnapManager for Hyper-V installer.

  2. Select the installation location and click Next.

  3. Complete the steps in the SnapManager for Hyper-V Install Shield wizard.

  4. Click Install on the Ready to Install page.

  5. Review the summary of your selections and click Finish.

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