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SnapManager Oracle

Requirements for using databases with NFS and SnapManager


You must know the requirements for using databases with Network File System (NFS) and SnapManager. The recommendations include running as root, attribute caching, and symbolic links.

  • You must run SnapManager as root; SnapManager must be able to access the file systems that contain data files, control files, online redo logs, archive logs, and the database home.

    Set either of the following NFS export options to ensure that root can access the file systems:

    • root=host name

    • rw=host name, anon=0

  • You must disable attribute caching for all the volumes that contain database data files, control files, redo and archive logs, and the database home.

    Export the volumes by using the noac (for Solaris and AIX) or actimeo=0 (for Linux) options.

  • You must link the database data files from local storage to NFS to support symbolic links at the mount point-level only.