SnapManager Oracle

The smo clone split-result command



This command lets you view the result of the clone split process.

        smo clone split-result
-profile profile
\[-host hostname\]
\[-label split-label \| -id split-id\]
\[-quiet \| -verbose\]


  • -profile profile

    Specifies the profile name of the clone.

  • -host hostname

    Specifies the hostname in which the clone exists.

  • -label split-label

    Specifies label name generated by clone split start process.

  • -id split-id

    Specifies unique ID generated by clone split start process.

  • -quiet

    Displays only error messages on the console. The default is to display error and warning messages.

  • -verbose

    Displays error, warning, and informational messages on the console.