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SnapManager Oracle

The smo password reset command


You can run the password reset command to reset the password of a profile.


        smo password reset
-profile profile
\[-profile-password profile_password\]
\[-repository-hostadmin-password repository_hostadmin_password\]
[-quiet | -verbose]


  • -profile profile

    Specifies the name of the profile for which you want to reset the password.

  • -profile-password profile_password

    Specifies the new password for the profile.

  • -repository-hostadmin-password admin_password

    Specifies the authorized user credential with root privilege for the repository database.

  • -quiet

    Displays only error messages in the console. The default is to display error and warning messages.

  • -verbose

    Displays error, warning, and informational messages in the console.