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SnapManager Oracle

The smo repository delete command


This command deletes a repository used to store database profiles and associated credentials. You can delete a repository only if there are no profiles in the repository.


        smo repository delete
-port repo_port
-dbname repo_service_name
-host repo_host
-login -username repo_username
[-force] [-noprompt]
[-quiet | -verbose]


  • -repository

    The options that follow -repository specify the details of the database for the repository.

  • -port repo_port

    Specifies the TCP port number used to access the database that stores the repository.

  • -dbname repo_service_name

    Specifies the name of the database that stores the repository. Use either the global name or the SID.

  • -host repo_host

    Specifies the name or IP address of the host computer the repository database runs on.

  • -login

    Starts the repository login details.

  • -username repo_username

    Specifies the user name needed to access the database that stores the repository.

  • -force

    Attempts to force the deletion of the repository, even if there are incomplete operations. SnapManager issues a prompt if there are incomplete operations, asking if you are sure you want to delete the repository.

  • -noprompt

    Does not prompt you before deleting the repository. Using the -noprompt option ensures the prompt does not appear, making it easier to delete repositories using a script.

  • -quiet

    Displays only error messages on the console. The default is to display error and warning messages.

  • -verbose

    Displays error, warning, and informational messages on the console.

Command example

The following example deletes the repository in the SALESDB database.

smo repository delete -repository -port 1521 -dbname smorep
-host nila -login -username smofresno -force -verbose
This command will delete repository "smofresno@smorep/nila".
Any resources maintained by the repository must be cleaned up manually.
This may include snapshots, mounted backups, and clones.
Are you sure you wish to proceed (Y/N)?Y
[ INFO] SMO-09201: Dropping existing schema as smofresno
  on jdbc:oracle:thin:@//nila:1521/smorep.
[ INFO] SMO-13048: Repository Delete Operation Status: SUCCESS
[ INFO] SMO-13049: Elapsed Time: 0:00:06.372
[ INFO] SMO-20010: Synchronizing mapping for profiles in
   repository "smofresno@smorep/nila:1521".
[ WARN] SMO-20029: No repository schema exists in "smofresno@smorep/nila:1521".
 Deleting all profile mappings for this repository.
[ INFO] SMO-20012: Deleted stale mapping for profile "TESTPASS".