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SnapManager Oracle

Cloning database backups without resetlogs


SnapManager enables you to perform flexible cloning so that you can recover the cloned database manually to a desired point in time without opening the database by using resetlogs. You can also manually configure the cloned database as a Data Guard Standby database.

When you can select the -no-resetlogs option while creating the clone, SnapManager performs the following activities to create the cloned database:

  1. Executes the preprocessing task activity, if specified, before starting the clone operation

  2. Creates the cloned database with the user-specified SID

  3. Executes the SQL statements issued against the cloned database.

    Only the SQL statements that can be executed in mount state are successfully executed.

  4. Executes the post-processing task activity, if specified.

What tasks you need to do to recover the cloned database manually

  1. Mount the archive log backups and recover the cloned database manually by using the archive log files from the mounted path.

  2. After performing manual recovery, open the recovered cloned database with -resetlogs option.

  3. Create temporary tablespaces, if required.

  4. Run the DBNEWID utility.

  5. Grant sysdba privilege to the credentials of the cloned database.

While cloning the database backups using the -no-resetlogs option, SnapManager leaves the cloned database in the mounted state for manual recovery.

Note The cloned database created with the -no-resetlogs option is not a complete database. Therefore you must not perform any SnapManager operations on this database, though SnapManager does not restrict you from performing any operations.

If you do not specify the -no-resetlogs option, SnapManager applies the archive log files, and opens the database with resetlogs.

  1. Enter the following command: smo clone create -profileprofile_name [-backup-labelbackup_name | -backup-idbackup_id | current] -newsidnew_sid-clonespecfull_path_to_clonespecfile-no-resetlogs

    If you try to specify both -no-resetlogs and recover-from-location options, SnapManager does not allow you to specify both these options together, and displays the error message: SMO-04084: You must specify either one of the options: -no-resetlogs or -recover-from-location.


smo clone create -profile product -backup-label full_offline -newsid PROD_CLONE -clonespec prod_clonespec.xml -label prod_clone-reserve -no-reset-logs