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SnapManager Oracle

Defining the database home with the oratab file


SnapManager uses the oratab file during operations to determine the Oracle database home directory. An entry for your Oracle database must be in the oratab file for SnapManager to work correctly. The oratab file is created during the Oracle software installation.

The oratab file resides in different locations based on the host operating system as shown in the following table:

Host operating system File location







The sample oratab file contains the following information:

+ASM1:/u01/app/11.2.0/grid:N   # line added by Agent
oelpro:/u01/app/11.2.0/oracle:N         # line added by Agent
# SnapManager generated entry          (DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE)
Note After Oracle is installed, you must ensure that the oratab file resides in the location specified in the previous table. If the oratab file does not reside in the correct location per your operating system, you must contact technical support for assistance.