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SnapManager Oracle

Using Protection Manager to provision the new dataset


After the smo_paydb dataset is created, the storage administrator uses Protection Manager to assign storage system resources to provision the dataset's Backup node.

Before provisioning the newly created dataset, the storage administrator confers with the DBA partner for the name of the dataset specified in the profile.

In this case, the dataset name is

  1. Go to Protection Manager's NetApp Management Console.

  2. From the menu bar, click Data > Datasets > Overview.

    The Datasets tab of the Datasets window displays a list of datasets that includes the dataset that was just created through SnapManager.

  3. Locate and select the dataset.

    When you select this dataset, the graph area displays the smo_paydb dataset with its backup node unprovisioned. Its conformance status is flagged as nonconformant.

  4. With the smo_paydb dataset still highlighted, click Edit.

    The Protection Manager's NetApp Management Console displays the Edit Dataset window for the dataset. The window's navigation pane displays configuration options for the dataset's primary node, backup connection, and backup node.

  5. From the navigation pane, locate the options for the dataset's backup node and select provisioning/resource pools.

    The Edit Dataset window displays a setting for default provisioning policy and a list of available resource pools.

  6. For this example, select the paydb_backup_resource resource pool and click >.

    The selected resource pool is listed in the "Resource Pools for this node" field.

  7. Click Finish to save your changes.

The Protection Manager automatically provisions the secondary backup node with resources from the paydb_backup_resource resource pool.