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SnapManager Oracle

Viewing backup details


You can view the detailed information about a particular backup in a profile by using the smo backup show command.

The smo backup show command displays the following information for each backup:

  • The backup ID

  • Whether the backup succeeded or failed

  • Backup scope (full, partial, online, or offline)

  • Backup mode

  • Mount status

  • The backup label

  • Comment

  • The date and time when the operation started and ended

  • Information about whether the backup was verified

  • The backup retention class

  • The database and host name

  • The checkpoint System Change Number (SCN)

  • The end backup SCN (for online backups only)

  • The tablespaces and data files from the database backed up

  • The control files from the database backed up

  • The archive logs from the database backed up

  • The storage system and volumes where the files are located

  • The Snapshot copies made and their location

  • The status of the primary storage resources

  • The backup protection status

  • A list of copies on secondary storage, in the form of backup_copy ID - node name

  • Backup mode

If you specify the -verbose option, the following additional information is displayed:

  • The clones made from the backup, if there are any

  • Verification information

  • If the backup is mounted, SnapManager displays the mount points in use

For the archive log file backup, the same information is displayed as that of the other database backup except for the following information:

  • Checkpoint SCN

  • End Backup SCN

  • Tablespace

  • Control files

However, archive log file backup contains the following additional information:

  • The first change number of the backup

  • The next change number of the backup

  • Thread number

  • Reset logs ID

  • Incarnation

  • Log file name

    1. Enter the following command: smo backup show -profileprofile_name {-labellabel [data | -archivelogs] | -id id [-quiet | -verbose]

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