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SnapManager Oracle

Verifying database backups


You can verify the backup of your database to ensure that the backed-up files are not corrupted.

If you did not select the Verify backup using the Oracle DBVERIFY utility check box while creating a backup, you must perform these steps manually to verify the backup. However, if you selected the check box, SnapManager automatically verifies the backup.

  1. From the Repositories tree, select the profile.

  2. Right-click the backup that you want to verify, and select Verify.

  3. Click Finish.

    If the operation fails, click Operation Details to view what caused the operation to fail.

    In the Repository tree, right-click the backup, and then click Properties to view the results of the verify operation.

You can use backed-up files to perform restore operations. For information about how to perform restore operations using the SnapManager user interface (UI), see the Online Help. If you want to use the command-line interface (CLI) to perform restore operations, see the SnapManager for Oracle Administration Guide for UNIX.

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