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SnapManager Oracle

Integration with other NetApp applications and technologies

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

SnapManager for Oracle is a stand-alone product that integrates the features from other NetApp products to enable fast backups that require only a small amount of space.

SnapManager integrates with the following NetApp applications and technologies:

Applications and technologies



SnapManager uses SnapDrive to create Snapshot copies of the storage. Snapshot copies ensure that backups are space-efficient and faster to create than the disk-to-disk backups.

FlexClone (a licensed feature of Data ONTAP)

SnapManager uses the FlexClone feature to create fast, space-efficient clones of backups.

Snapshot (a feature of Data ONTAP)

Snapshot technology creates point-in-time copies of the database.

SnapRestore (a licensed feature of Data ONTAP)

SnapManager reduces the mean time to recover a database by using SnapRestore. SnapRestore can recover individual files to a multi-terabyte volume so that operations can resume quickly.

SnapVault (a licensed feature of Data ONTAP)

SnapVault leverages disk-based backups for reliable, low-overhead backup and recovery of databases.

SnapMirror (a licensed feature of Data ONTAP)

SnapMirror replicates database data across a global network at high speeds in a simple, reliable, and cost-effective manner.