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SnapManager Oracle

The smo notification update-summary-notification command

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

You can run the notification update-summary-notification command to enable summary notification for a repository database.


        smo notification update-summary-notification
-port repo_port
-dbname  repo_service_name
-host repo_host
-login -username repo_username
-email email-address1,email-address2
-subject subject-pattern
[-daily –time daily_time \|
-hourly –time hourly_time \|
-monthly –time monthly_time -date \[1\|2\|3\|...\|31\] \|
-weekly  –time weekly_time -day \[1\|2\|3\|4\|5\|6\|7\]\]
-profiles profile1,profile2
-notification-host notification-host
\[-quiet \| -verbose\]


  • -repository

    Specifies the details of the repository database.

  • -port repo_port

    Specifies the TCP port number used to access the repository database.

  • -dbname repo_service_name

    Specifies the name of the repository database. You can use either the global name or the system identifier.

  • -host repo_host

    Specifies the name or IP address of the host on which the repository database resides.

  • -login

    Specifies the repository login details. This is optional. If not specified, SnapManager defaults to OS Authentication Connection Mode.

  • -username repo_username

    Specifies the user name required to access the repository database.

  • -email email-address1,e-mail-address2

    Specifies email addresses of the recipients.

  • -subject subject-pattern

    Specifies the email subject pattern.

  • -frequency { -daily --time daily_time | -hourly --time hourly_time | -monthly --time monthly_time -date {1|2|3…​|31 } | -weekly --time weekly_time -day {1|2|3|4|5|6|7 } }

    Specifies schedule type and schedule time when you want the email notification.

  • -profiles profile1, profile2

    Specifies profile names that require email notification.

  • -notification-host notification-host

    Specifies SnapManager server host from which the summary notification email is sent to the recipients. You can provide host name, or IP address for the notification host. You can also update the host IP or host name.

  • -quiet

    Displays only error messages in the console. The default is to display error and warning messages.

  • -verbose

    Displays error, warning, and informational messages in the console.


The following example enables summary notification for a repository database:

smo notification update-summary-notification –repository –port 1521 –dbname repo2 –host –login –username oba5 –email –subject success –frequency -daily -time 19:30:45 –profiles sales1