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SnapManager Oracle

Creating repositories

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

SnapManager requires a repository on a host to hold data about the operations you perform.

Ensure that the following tasks are completed:

  1. Create an Oracle user and password in the repository database.

  2. Authorize user access to the repository.

For a repository, SnapManager for Oracle requires a minimum 4K block size for the tablespace into which it is installed. You can check the block size using the following SQL command:

select a.username, a.default_tablespace, b.block_size
from dba_users a, dba_tablespaces b
a.username = repo_user


  • a.default_tablespace = b.tablespace_name

  • a.username = the user name on the repository

If you are upgrading repositories, you must reboot the SnapManager server to restart any associated schedules.

  1. To create the repository, enter the repository create command, using the following general format: smo repository create -repository -dbname repo_service_name -host repo_host -login -username repo_username -port repo_port-force] [-noprompt] [-quiet | -verbose]


    • -repository -dbname is the name of the repository database.

    • -host is the name of the host for the repository.

    • -username is the name of the database user who has access to the repository.

    • -port is the port for the host. Other options for this command are as follows:

    [-force] [-noprompt]


    + NOTE: If you have an existing repository with the same name and you use the -force option, all data within an existing repository schema will be overwritten.

Creating a repository

The following command line creates a repository.

smo repository create -repository -dbname HRDP
-host server1 -login -username admin -port 1521