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SnapManager Oracle

Modifying the backup retention class

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

The upgraded SnapManager assigns the default backup retention class to the existing backups. You can modify the default retention class values to meet your backup requirements.

The default backup retention class assigned to the existing backups are as follows:

Backup type

Retention class assignment after upgrade

Backups to be retained forever


Other backups


Note: You can delete the backups that are retained forever without changing the retention class.

If you upgrade to SnapManager 3.0 or later, the greater of the following two values are assigned to the existing profiles:

  • Previous retention count for the profile

  • Default values for the retention count and duration of daily backups as specified in the smo.config file

    1. Modify the values assigned to retain.hourly.count and retain.hourly.duration in the smo.config file.

      You can enter the following values:

      • retain.hourly.count = 12

      • retain.hourly.duration = 2

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