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SnapManager for SAP

Restoring a backup from a secondary storage to a different location


You can use the BRRESTORE or smsap restore command to restore a secondary backup to a different location. The new host must also be running SnapManager.

You must set the preferred_backup_locations and restore_from_nearest_backup_location parameters in the initSID.utl file to restore the secondary backup to a desired location.

  1. Edit the initSID.utl file.

  2. Add preferred_backup_locations and restore_from_nearest_backup_location in the file.

    Note The PREFERRED_BACKUP_LOCATIONS environment variable overrides the value set for the preferred_backup_locations parameter in the initSID.utl file.
  • If the value for preferred_backup_locations does not match any protection policy node names and restore_from_nearest_backup_location is set to No, the operation fails.

  • If either the value for preferred_backup_locations is not set or restore_from_nearest_backup_location is set to Yes, the restore operation can be performed from the nearest backup location.