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SnapManager for SAP

Clone a database to an alternate host


You can use the clone create command to clone a database backup on an alternate host.

What you'll need

  • Create a profile or have an existing profile.

  • Create a full backup or have an existing database backup.

  • Create a clone specification or have an existing clone specification.

  1. To clone a database to an alternate host, enter the following command:

    smsap clone create -backup-label backup_label_name -newsid new_sid -host target_host -label clone_label -comment comment_text -profile profile_name -clonespec full_path_to_clonespecfile

    Oracle does not let you run two databases with the same SID simultaneously on the same host. Because of this, you must supply a new SID for each clone. However, you can have a database on another host with the same SID.