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SnapManager for SAP

How to collect dump files


You can include -dump in the SnapManager command to collect the dump files after a successful or failed SnapManager operation.

You can collect dump files for the following SnapManager operations:

  • Creating profiles

  • Updating profiles

  • Creating backups

  • Verifying backups

  • Deleting backups

  • Freeing backups

  • Mounting backups

  • Unmounting backups

  • Restoring backups

  • Creating clones

  • Deleting clones

Note When you create a profile, you can collect dump files only if the operation is successful. If you encounter an error while creating a profile, you must use the smsap system dump command. For successful profiles, you can use the smsap operation dump and smsap profile dump commands to collect the dump files.


 smsap backup create -profile targetdb1_prof1 -auto -full -online -dump