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SnapManager for SAP

How to locate dump files


The dump file is located at the client system for easy access. These files are helpful if you need to troubleshoot a problem related to profile, system, or any operation.

The dump file is located in the user's home directory on the client system.

  • If you are using the graphical user interface (GUI), the dump file is located at:

    user_home\Application Data\NetApp\smsap\3.3.0\smsap_dump dump_file_type_name
  • If you are using the command-line interface (CLI), the dump file is located at:

    user_home\.netapp\smsap\3.3.0\smsap_dump_dump_file_type_name server_host.jar

The dump file contains the output of the dump command. The name of the file depends on the information supplied. The following table shows the types of dump operations and the resulting file names:

Type of dump operation Resulting file name

Operation dump command with operation ID


Operation dump command with no operation ID

smsap operation dump -profile VH1 -verbose The following output is displayed:

smsap operation dump -profile VH1 -verbose
[ INFO] SMSAP-13048: Dump Operation Status: SUCCESS
[ INFO] SMSAP-13049: Elapsed Time: 0:00:01.404
Dump file created.
Path: user_home\Application Data\ontap\smsap\3.3.0\

System dump command


Profile dump command