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SnapManager for SAP

Add an existing profile to summary email notifications


SnapManager enables you to add an existing profile to a summary email notification while updating that profile.

  1. Enter the following command:

    smsap profile update -profile profile_name [-profile-password profile_password] -repository -dbname repo_service_name -host repo_host -port repo_port -login -username repo_username -database -dbname db_dbname -host db_host [-sid db_sid] [-login -username db_username -password db_password -port db_port] [-rman {-controlfile | {-login -username rman_username -password rman_password -tnsname rman_tnsname} } ] [-retain [-hourly -count n] [-duration m]] [-daily -count n] [-duration m]] [-weekly -count n] [-duration m]] [-monthly -count n] [-duration m]]] [-comment comment][-snapname-pattern pattern][ [ ]] [-summary-notification]