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SnapManager for SAP

Customize the email subject for an existing profile


SnapManager enables you to customize the email subject pattern for an existing profile by updating that profile. This customized subject pattern is applicable only for the updated profile.

  1. Enter the following command:

    smsap profile update -profile profile [-profile -password profile_password][-database -dbname db_dbname -host db_host [-sid db_sid] [-login -username db_username -password db_password -port db_port]] [{-rman{-controlfile | {-login -username rman_username -password rman_password -tnsname rman_tnsname}}} | -remove-rman] [-retain [-hourly [-count n] [-duration m]] [-daily [-count n] [-duration m]] [-weekly [-count n] [-duration m]] [-monthly [-count n] [-duration m]]] [-comment comment][-snapname -pattern pattern][[-protect [-protection-policy policy_name]]| [[-noprotect]] [-notification [-success -email email_address1, email_address2 -subject subject_pattern] [-failure -email email_address1, email_address2 -subject subject_pattern]]