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SolidFire Active IQ


Contributors netapp-pcarriga

Each node contains one or more physical drives, which are used to store a portion of the data for the cluster. The cluster uses the capacity and performance of the drive after the drive is successfully added to a cluster.

On the Drives page, available from the side panel for a selected cluster, you can filter the page by selecting from the Active, Available, and Failed tabs.

The following information is available for each drive in the cluster depending on the state of drive functionality:

Heading Description

Drive ID

Sequential number assigned to the drive.

Node ID

Assigned node number when the node is added to the cluster.

Service ID

The current service ID of the block or slice service that is associated with the drive.


Slot number where the drive is physically located.


Gigabyte size of the drive.

Firmware version

Version of the firmware on the drive.


Serial number of the SSD.


Remaining Wear level indicator.


Drive type can be block or metadata.

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