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Hardware setup appears to hang (SG5700)

Contributors netapp-perveilerk

The StorageGRID Appliance Installer might not be available if hardware faults or cabling errors prevent the E5700SG controller from completing its boot-up processing.

  1. Watch the codes on the seven-segment displays.

    While the hardware is initializing during power up, the two seven-segment displays show a sequence of codes. When the hardware boots successfully, the seven-segment displays show different codes for each controller.

  2. Review the codes on the seven-segment display for the E5700SG controller.

    Note The installation and provisioning take time. Some installation phases do not report updates to the StorageGRID Appliance Installer for several minutes.

    If an error occurs, the seven-segment display flashes a sequence, such as HE.

  3. To understand what these codes mean, see the following resources:

    Controller Reference

    E5700SG controller

    • “Status indicators on the E5700SG controller”

    • “HE error: Error synchronizing with SANtricity OS Software”

    E2800 controller

    E5700 and E2800 System Monitoring Guide

    Note: The codes described for the E-Series E5700 controller do not apply to the E5700SG controller in the appliance.

  4. If this does not resolve the issue, contact technical support.