SGF6024 overview


The StorageGRIDSGF6024 includes a compute controller and a storage controller shelf that holds 24 solid state drives.

SGF6024 components

The SGF6024 appliance includes the following components:

Component Description

Compute controller

SG6000-CN controller, a one-rack unit (1U) server that includes:

  • 40 cores (80 threads)

  • 192 GB RAM

  • Up to 4 × 25 Gbps aggregate Ethernet bandwidth

  • 4 × 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) interconnect

  • Baseboard management controller (BMC) that simplifies hardware management

  • Redundant power supplies

Flash array (controller shelf)

E-Series EF570 flash array (also known as a controller shelf), a 2U shelf that includes:

  • Two E-Series EF570 controllers (duplex configuration) to provide storage controller failover support

  • 24 solid state drives (also known as SSDs or flash drives)

  • Redundant power supplies and fans

SGF6024 diagrams

This figure shows the front of the SGF6024, which includes a 1U compute controller and a 2U enclosure containing two storage controllers and 24 flash drives.

SG6024 Front Views
Callout Description


SG6000-CN compute controller with front bezel


EF570 flash array with front bezel


SG6000-CN compute controller with front bezel removed


EF570 flash array with front bezel removed

This figure shows the back of the SGF6024, including the compute and storage controllers, fans, and power supplies.

SG6024 Rear
Callout Description


Power supply (1 of 2) for SG6000-CN compute controller


Connectors for SG6000-CN compute controller


Power supply (1 of 2) for EF570 flash array


E-Series EF570 storage controller (1 of 2) and connectors