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Removed or deprecated features

Contributors netapp-lhalbert netapp-madkat

Some features were removed or deprecated in this release. Review these items to understand whether you need to update client applications or modify your configuration before you upgrade.

Alarm system and alarm-based APIs deprecated

As of the StorageGRID 11.6 release, the legacy alarm system is deprecated. The user interface and APIs for the legacy alarm system will be removed in a future release.

Important If you are still using legacy alarms, plan to fully transition to the alert system after upgrading to StorageGRID 11.6. See Manage alerts and alarms: Overview to learn more about alerts.

The 11.6 release deprecates all alarm-based APIs. The following APIs are affected by this change:

  • GET /grid/alarms: Fully deprecated

  • GET /grid/health/topology: Fully deprecated

  • GET /grid/health: The alarm-counts section of the response is deprecated

Future releases will not support 5 TiB maximum object size for PUT Object

In future StorageGRID releases, the maximum size for a single PUT Object operation will be 5 GiB, instead of 5 TiB. You can use multipart upload for objects that are larger than 5 GiB, up to a maximum of 5 TiB (5,497,558,138,880 bytes).

To help you transition clients to using smaller object sizes in PUT Object, the S3 PUT Object size too large alert will be triggered in StorageGRID 11.6 if an S3 client attempts to upload an object that exceeds 5 GiB.

NAS Bridge feature deprecated

The NAS Bridge feature previously entered limited access with the StorageGRID 11.4 release. The NAS Bridge feature remains at limited access and is deprecated as of StorageGRID 11.6.

NAS Bridge 11.4 remains the final release and will continue to be compatible with StorageGRID 11.6. Review the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool for continued compatibility between NAS Bridge 11.4 and StorageGRID versions.

Review the NetApp Support site for the support schedule for NAS Bridge.