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Edit traffic classification policy

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You can edit a traffic classification policy to change its name or description, or to create, edit, or delete any rules or limits for the policy.

Before you begin
  • You are signed in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  • You have the Root access permission.

  1. Select CONFIGURATION > Network > Traffic classification.

    The Traffic classification policies page appears and the existing policies are listed in a table.

  2. Edit the policy using the Actions menu or the details page. See create traffic classification policies for what to enter.

    Actions menu
    1. Select the checkbox for the policy.

    2. Select Actions > Edit.

    Details page
    1. Select the policy name.

    2. Select the Edit button beside the policy name.

  3. For the Enter policy name step, optionally edit the policy name or description, and select Continue.

  4. For the Add matching rules step, optionally add a rule or edit the Type and Match value of the existing rule, and select Continue.

  5. For the Set limits step, optionally add, edit, or delete a limit, and select Continue.

  6. Review the updated policy, and select Save and continue.

    The changes you made to the policy are saved, and network traffic is now handled according to the traffic classification policies. You can view traffic charts and verify that the polices are enforcing the traffic limits you expect.