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OLST: System Detected Lost Object

Contributors netapp-perveilerk netapp-madkat netapp-lhalbert

This message is generated when the DDS service can't locate any copies of an object within the StorageGRID system.

Code Field Description


Content Block Identifier

The CBID of the lost object.


Node ID

If available, the last known direct or near-line location of the lost object. It is possible to have just the Node ID without a Volume ID if the volume information is not available.


S3 Bucket/Key or Swift Container/Object ID

If available, the S3 bucket name and S3 key name, or the Swift container name and Swift object identifier.



This field has the value NONE. RSLT is a mandatory message field, but is not relevant for this message. NONE is used rather than SUCS so that this message is not filtered.


Universally Unique ID

The identifier of the lost object within the StorageGRID system.


Volume ID

If available, the Volume ID of the Storage Node or Archive Node for the last known location of the lost object.